Blog more: News Years Resolution #1

I will blog more, that is my new years resolution!

Todays entry is a little idea of what we have been up to since the No Brainer release last august.

Happenings around DTD are very busy of late. Well, that is after we all got back from Christmas holidays of chilling. We are slap, bang in the middle of preparing release no.3; an EP again with four tracks. We are recording in Lakeland Studios our spiritual home with Mike O’Dowd again setting us on the straight path of knowing when is just the right amount of proggyness!!

This time the big difference is players! All the tracks for this EP were recorded and arranged by the band giving it a much more organic and “live” feel. And all without the safety net of multi-tracking and pro-tools editing.

Start Here: In my mind this harks back to some 70’s cop show. It also has elements of prog rock in the outro and some weird chord changes. This one has probably gone through the most amount of changes chopping and changing bridges and outros. I’ll put up a Soundcloud of a few different guises of this song in the build up to the release. This track will also feature a DTD first: remixes! I’ll have more info on these in the next few weeks.

Eyes Wide Shut: The title track of the EP. This was the first song completed by the band and ironically the quickest track to come together. We are plotting and scheming a video for this with Powerpix and location scouting starts next week.

River Crab: This one is the eye of the storm. A dreamy waltz you can check out the acoustic version here

How come I only know you now your gone: This is a song that has been knocking around in different forms for years. Took quite a while to get this one over the line arrangement-wise.

We will be out on the road in March selling our wares! But expect to start hearing from us regularly in a few weeks!!

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