No Brainer

So, preparing for the next release No Brainer – a single this time, although I’m not quite sure why release a single in contrast to an EP or even an album the way music is consumed these days. That’s not a cynical wish that it could go back to the glory days of albums, its just a thought.

We are going to try a little bit more promotion on this one centering around a release party upstairs in Whelans on the 29th of August. We will also be in the Cellar Bar at Citog on Thursday the 23rd. We’re really excited, these are both full band gigs and I’ll be out and about around this time doing loads of solo stuff too.

Now the big news, drum roll please! The release of the the actual single from iTunes and all over the internet will be August 24th with a streaming night on Soundcloud on Sunday August 19th.

That is all that is confirmed for now, there will be some other bits and pieces that Ill let you know about.

I wanted to also add a little bit of whats happening songs wise too so here is a demo for a song called River Crab which is to be included on the live EP I talked about on the last blog.

The idea behind the song lyrically is about censorship, River Crab is Chinese internet slang for censorship – check it out. But its also about being in a position to say what you want but being too apathetic towards it. The writing of this song was typical of my process, coming together very slowly over the course of a couple of months. This version is what I sent to the band.

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